Costa Rican Wedding party Traditions

Costa Rica is actually a beautiful region with many rich traditions, especially when considering weddings. Right from https://www.insider.com/benefits-of-being-attractive-science-2018-12 outfits to service and reception traditions, Bahía Rican wedding events are always a one-of-a-kind celebration of love.


One of the popular costa rican wedding traditions is a serenata. This unique custom made is carried out some days prior to actual wedding. The groom, accompanied by his good friends and a band in tow, appointments the bride’s house for your surprise serenade. The group usually sings classic romantic songs to the bride and her family members.

During the ceremony, it is common for wedding brides to wear a black egypt dress and a veil. This is a symbolic motion of everlasting love and loyalty towards the husband. The star of the wedding is often splendid with plants, jewelry and hats. Grooms typically dress yourself in dark matches with bend ties or bolo ties that coordinate while using bride’s outfit.

After the wedding, it is traditional for costa rican women beautiful the few to go to their very own wedding reception. The party typically continues until the early hours of the morning. The party features plenty of food and drinks and of course plenty of dancing.

A typical Bahía Rican marriage ceremony reception features dishes referred to as Casados. These dishes include plantains, a variety of beef and sea food. They are served alongside traditional refreshments like guaran and beer. A wedding surprise from buddies or family is also a tradition in Costa Rica. Close relatives frequently give the bride and groom a piece of decor to display in their residence, for every season or 12 months of their marriage.

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