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A Guide to the Best Programming Language for Web Development 2023

It is one of two languages Google created, along with Dart, which is primarily used on servers but not within browsers like JavaScript and Java. Launched in 2018, Rust is a modern language that offers memory safety without sacrificing performance. Rust works for devices of all sizes and emphasizes reliability. However, relatively few programmers use it, so it can be hard to find documentation online or connect with someone who knows how to code in the language. C# is a high-level language, which doesn’t just mean that syntax and coding approaches are more abstract but also that interfacing C# products with hardware is impossible.

how is c# used in web development

ASP.NET has functionality that allows building web APIs and enables remote communication between protocols. ASP.NET supports integrations with JavaScript and HTML and allows working with native web APIs. C# is focused on preserving memory and minimizing power requirements. It’s intended to support large systems that accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously.

Reload changes in appsetting.json without website restart

This seems to be a fairly safe choice, so I would definitely use Minimal APIs in small or medium projects. In large applications, the choice is a bit tougher since ideally, you would want to give this tech some more time. For plenty of resources on all of these languages, including access to a huge library and books, fresh content weekly, consider a subscription to the SitePoint Premium Library . And here are some tips for learning programming languages faster. Additionally, Python is used in a variety of fields like data science, machine learning, and more; so you’ll be able to use your skills in many different ways. Go (often referred to as “Golang”) is a free and open-source programming language created at Google in 2009.

how is c# used in web development

This refers to the back end of web development and involves programs that run on a server. This type of web development is very important because it is how users will interact with the servers to retrieve information. As .NET is created using C# it’s used to create dynamic web pages that power the back end of a website. The main aim of a language like C# is to program applications for Windows operating systems.

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C# can also be used for mobile application development and cloud-based service development. It is considered a multi-purpose programming language due to its flexibility. Also, developers can count on the community support and documentation of developing applications and programs that are specific to the Microsoft platform’s architecture. To learn C#, it’s best that you have at least a basic understanding of writing code, even if you have yet to build your first program or application. If you are building Windows-based software, C# is a go-to tool. The language is adapted to the requirements of the ecosystem, is supported by all environments, plugins, and libraries.

The website pages were built using C# technology, using the programming language to store many family records, military data, DNA research, and more for users. C# has a vast library that provides a higher level of functionality than other programming languages. Developers built C# as a simple, object-oriented programming language, with the idea that it would support software components. It works across multiple platforms – web, desktop, mobile development, you name it. Vitaliy is taking technical ownership of projects including development, giving architecture and design directions for project teams and supporting them. He always stays aware of the latest technology trends and applies them to the day to day activities of the dev team.

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HTML is one of the fundamental building blocks of web development since it allows developers to organize the content of a website. In essence, the code determines where each component of the website is located and how the user will see it. Even if you aren’t interested in a career in web development, learning HTML is beneficial.

how is c# used in web development

It had a lot of versions and iterations since 2012 and grew into a mature and productive framework which also happens to be very performant. It follows an MVC pattern where you map URL routes to Controller classes and specific endpoints to methods . Things like authorization and serialization are easy to implement and customize thanks to a middleware model support where you can add behavior before or after specific stages in a request. No matter which languages you choose to learn, the most important thing is to keep practicing and expanding your skills. The world of web development is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay curious and up to date. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to build amazing websites that people will love.


It’s especially popular among developers who come from a Unix or Linux background. TypeScript was also created by Microsoft and first released in 2012. It has become increasingly popular in recent years among frontend developers (especially those using Angular, React and Vue.js).

  • S for mobile development allow finding a fine line between the cross-platform approach to development and enabling native performance.
  • Fluency in this popular language has become increasingly valuable among programmers.
  • Developers must install Visual Studio to build workflow app software.
  • Most Windows software is written with C#, so working with the same tech stack makes integration much easier.
  • “When you go back and look, C# version 1.0, released with Visual Studio .NET 2002, looked a lot like Java.
  • Programmers must rely on the support of others in the same field who have experienced the same roadblocks and frustrations.
  • This makes it a lot easier to detect small flaws in your stack that would otherwise be almost imperceptible—not to mention incredibly aggravating.

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